A Fresh Look at Twitter

I do a lot of networking on Twitter. I manage nearly a dozen profiles for my various websites, apps and services. My main profile is @DotSauce which has just reached a following of 14,000. With this profile I am a curator, a domainer, a developer and a scout for all the most useful links related to social media, WordPress, startups and marketing.

Managing this content is not an easy task, but I have simplified it to a casual part of my daily routine, though I do take some days off. I’ve learned to filter out the noise and tune in to information that is relevant and valuable. The reward for curating all this content is a continually expanding reach. I am able to introduce new people to domain investing and web development all the time.

I don’t want to spoil the good thing I have going with the DotSauce profile. So, I am starting fresh with a personal account on @MarkUnfiltered.

Here are a few ideas and goals I have for getting this fresh Twitter profile in motion.

  • Share my thoughts on music, movies, media, society and the internet
  • Check-ins on location based services
  • Contest entries
  • Links to geeky, techy goodness
  • Promote Electronic / Dubstep music
  • Have some real conversations
  • Connect with locals
  • Follow selected interesting profiles
  • Create new and unique Twitter lists

It should be an interesting journey re-discovering Twitter and sharing some of my alternative interests. I’m definitely looking forward to the possibility of actually reading a good portion of Tweets from a new stream.

You’re welcome to follow along @MarkUnfiltered if any of this sounds interesting to you.

How would you do it the second time around? Send me some advice.

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