C:\My Brain\ – A Memory Aid App Concept


C:\My Brain\ is a name derived from the popular PC hard drive naming convention. It also happens to be pronounced “See My Brain” which neatly describes the vision for the application.

see-my-brainI would like to propose a visual storage index application for your brain. A place where you can create not just notes to remind you of things, but lists and photos, contacts and more.

I’ve created a simple wireframe mockup that you can partially navigate. Try clicking on the “Work” folder or the green + icons.

Potential Use Cases

  • To do lists
  • Shopping lists
  • College course notes
  • New friends’ and acquaintances’ names and contact info
  • Business cards
  • Photos of things to buy or remember
  • Upcoming events, birthdays and holidays

Almost everything that’s on your mind, you can add to your C:\My Brain\ drive.

C:\My Brain\ would be built to help improve your memory not replace it.

What do you think about this app concept? Would it be useful to you? Do you think it’s worth pursuing? Would you be interested in helping? Please leave a comment. Thank you for your input!

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